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The main goal of Some Designers is to bring art and design into public spaces through the collaboration of artists with multicultural backgrounds. With this mixture of different fields of art, such as media, interaction and sound, our organisation is creating a fresh perspective for the artistic development of Styria.



As Graz has been since 2011 the UNESCO city of Design, we, as Some Designers, feel the need to maintain the highest standards of achievement of art and design.

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Sex Dialogues

Eclectic mix of expertise resulted in a nexus
of traditional physical artworks
with computer-based, electronic elements.

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Some designers is a complementary skilled based team.
From sound and composition through media and art, to design and interaction, we bring playful experiences to the public.

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In Between

is our last interactive, international
and multidisciplinary exhibition,
which took place at Forum Stadtpark
from 9th to 16th of July 2017.


The Sonic Painting

“[A] new synthetic experience of art where the material distinctions between word, image and sound would melt away into a kind of spiritual […] ecstasy that would shake the body and the world.” (McBurney, 2006) Music became paintings and paintings became music. (cf. McBurney, 2006)

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Street Art Festival Styria

Interactive outdoor installations


Some Designers, Verein für Interaktive Medienkunst – is an organisation, whose focus is on artistic projects in the field of modern art and multimedia interactive exhibitions. The Verein was founded in the Spring of 2015 by different artists and designers who study, live, and work in Graz.