– turning sound into art



Sonic Painting is a sound/visual installation designed to arouse one’s creativity by using sounds generated directly from participants. This installation transforms sounds into visual components consisting of shapes and colors projected onto the floor of a large room in realtime. This will enable visitors to draw a picture by using sounds that they produce in the space.



The idea of this transformation was inspired by Goethe’s “Theory of colour” and “Phenomena.” According to this theory, sound and color are qualities of a corresponding medium, namely air and “the partially transparent medium.” The qualities of sound and color can be defined just as we otherwise define the qualities of weight and movement.

In this installation, such correspondences are restated as a relationship between sonic and pictorial information. The audience is invited to walk around in a room and make sounds by talking, singing, playing musical instruments, clapping their hands, or simply any other way they find to create noise. Detected by microphones hung from the ceiling, the sounds of the participants will be recorded and transformed into a shaped and colored object which will then be projected onto the floor. The sound is mapped to the colour spectrum in such a way that timbre & pitch influence the color and shape of the projected figure. As a result, sounds are perceived visually from the visitors on the ground where they are standing in order to draw their own sonic painting. Therefore, this installation provides a playground in which the visitors can express their presence through the observation of the relationship between sounds and colours.

The Results