• Interactive Sound Installation

    The Candle Organ

    Candle Organ is an interactive sound installation, which creates an interaction between a religious environment and visitors' musicality. Candles on a table conjure up a contemplative atmosphere, in response to which, the visitors can inspire and play their improvisatory music by lighting and repositioning the candles. The candles determine three musical parameters: pitch, loudness and number of voices, which are mapped to the candles' position, brightness and number of the candles, respectively

  • Interactive Installation/Game

    Sonic Painting

    Sonic Painting is a sound/visual installation designed to arouse one’s creativity by using sounds generated directly from participants. This installation transforms sounds into visual components consisting of shapes and colors projected onto the floor of a large room in realtime. This will enable visitors to draw a picture by using sounds that they produce in the space. The idea of this transformation was inspired by Goethe’s “Theory of colour” and “Phenomena.” According to this theory, sound and color are qualities of a corresponding medium, namely air and “the partially transparent medium.” The qualities of sound and color can be defined just as we otherwise define the qualities of weight and movement.

  • Part of Desaturated, An Evening of Drinks and Installations

    Desaturated-The Beginning

    Desaturated is an artistic event inspired by elective process in democratic countries, and aims to express our interpretation of the process in multi-sensory form of arts. This event therefore consists of a voting station, to which visitors are encouraged to vote for either black or white, as its core element. The result of voting affects other componential pieces exhibited in this event such as installations, games and an improvisatory performance. There are, in total, 7 components; a voting station, a card game, a breathalyzer installation, a twister, an entrance projection, a conceptualised bar and an improvisatory performance.

  • reactive sound-art installation

    Hear me Rohr!

    Hear me Rohr is a reactive sound-art installation designed to be exhibited in public spaces with the potential for simple optical appreciation and manipulation of its sound element. It was originally constructed as a part of the fall, 2016 street art festival in Fürstenfeld, Austria. Over 40 pipes are bound together in four groups of 10 and in their vertical arrangements form an abstract sculpture reminiscent of brutalist architecture and industrial design. Inside of each of the pipes is an equal number of custom designed circuit/loudspeaker combinations. These speakers produce clicks at varying rates which are then tuned to the resonating frequency of each individual pipe. Additionally, light sensors adjust the speed of the clicking where more light equals faster clicking and less light slower. The end result is that for every time of day, the sounds emitted by the pipes are different.

  • A tactile installation

    Tantra II

    During the Street Art Festival of Fürstenfeld in 2016, one of the projects we made was an interactive, elastic street installation in which passers-by could "bend" sound by bending an elastic wall.