Sex Dialogues

Place: Yermilov Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Date: 10 – 20 July, 2016

Exhibited pieces: “The Light Organ”, “gender Sculpture”, “Enigma”, “Binary”, “Sexual Voltage”, “Magnetic and Dangarous”, “Point of View”, “Rusalka”, “Tantra Energy”.

Description: Sex Dialogues, a week long exhibition of interactive media installations which sought to promote thought-provoking discourse on sex in the modern age, was a collaboration between Ukrainian and Graz-based artists. For two weeks, 15 artists conspired to create 8 interactive installations which were featured for a week-long exhibition at the Yermilov Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Diverse backgrounds and an eclectic mix of expertise resulted in a nexus of traditional, physical artworks with computer-based, electronic elements. The exhibition, which ran from June 10 – 20, opened to great fanfare, drawing upwards of 400 patrons to explore the various installations and attend the opening festivities which included performances by FH professor Dr. Josef Gründler and the electronic music ensemble, Elektrichka.

Supported by FH Joanneum.

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